Picture of not nachos, for dinner, a 2 for 1
Who doesn't like nachos? meat peppers, crunchy tortillas and cheese sauce, oh my ! But OH MY are they messy to eat ! Especially if like me you have a bit of a beard. The 2nd dish and the name for this "ible" came from my long suffering other half who didn't want nachos for dinner ....

Step 1: Shopping list

Picture of shopping list
approximately 1lb of ground meat of choice
package of taco or burrito seasoning
 green pepper
 roasted red pepper
 can of kidney beans
 cheddar cheese  (forgot to get that in the picture ! )
 tortilla chips
 egg noodles
Xyver3 years ago
If you add a can of tomatos, this looks like my Chili recipe :P
l8nite (author)  Xyver3 years ago
You're right, it looks a lot like my chili as well except for the small portions and lack of any real spices and the addition of the beans (beans in chili?) I suppose it's really just a variation on a theme but them most "recipes" are. Thank you for commenting
Yep, this sounds like some awesome comfort food. NOM
l8nite (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
thank you Jessy