If you don't want to get in trouble passing notes, use this device to pass notes with ease! This device takes only 30 seconds to make!

Step 1: Materials

-Pen (to write)
-glue stick (to give to friend , having the teacher think your letting him/her barrow your glue stick)
-piece of paper (to write note)

Step 2: Take Apart Glue Stick

Take apart the glue stick by turning out the glue until you can't any more then pull the glue out.

Step 3: Write Note

use pen to write note.

Step 4: Insert Note

Roll up note the insert it in to glue stick.

Step 5: Cap and Pass

cap the glue stick.
when passing the teacher will think its just a glue stick.

Yeah we all need a gluestick in the middle of a lesson for no apparent reason cool idea if you are working on a project that needs glue in class
So the teacher will think "oh, It's just some kid passing a glue stick to a fellow student"?
No, you say, "hey, you need a spare gluestick?"
ah. Touche.
Is that like French or something?
'tis French.
Cool, I've heard it before, but never what origin it comes from. What does it mean?
It's French for 'touched' :3
What? Really?
Yup. I think the reason we use it came from fencing, when they hit/touch someone with the sword thingies. It's like the fancy way of saying "you win" or "good move". The joys of speaking franglish :P
Franglish? Dude, it's Franglais!<br /> <br /> Mix of Francais<br /> And Anglais (England in French)
Yes but I'm in America, therefore it is English and French xD<br /> Otherwise, it would be Franglais, yes.<br /> Franglais(e) sounds cool though. Franglaised doughnuts :P
Lol... How does Framerican sound?<br /> <br /> Though you do speak English there...<br /> <br /> Franglais can still apply :-)

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