you will need:

red paint

beer bottle caps

nuka cola cap labels from devan art

pva glue

paint brush

(optional) white paint

Step 1: The Base

get your red paint and paint the caps red

Step 2: Labels

get your lables and cut them out.

then stick them on.

(optional) paint over the label so it will have a paint look

Step 3: Homemade Nuka Cola Caps

start by sanding all laybles off the caps

Step 4: Realistic Looks

start this step by wacking the top of the caps with a hammer
then get your plyers and pull the edges out

Step 5: Painting the Caps

first paint the caps red twice then paint nuka cola white in a style you like or orignal for die hard fans then paint a black line around the side of the caps.

and there you have it custom nuka cola caps
AWSOME job!! The countrified caps of the waste land Lol!!
Cool tutorial! Was it hard to bend the caps back to their original shape after bending them straight? Or did I misunderstand the part where you bend them straight?

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