Picture of nunchuck mouse
ever wanted to use a nunchuck as a mouse?
all you need is:
a wiimote
a bluetooth adapter
a nunchuck.
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Step 1: Connecting...

Picture of connecting...
take the wiimote battery cover off and press and hold the sync button(red) under the cover. click the sun on bluesolei, and wait for nintendo cnt 01 to show up click the wiimote.. then click the mouse icon when its got a square around it.
Krayzi99 (author) 2 years ago
You know, after i made this instructable, i came into posession of a wii motion plus sensor. Trust me, its way better than the nunchuck.
It's definitely a must, many games require motion plus.
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i am gonna try that, but i think its better to use the wiimote because it has a motion sensor