I foundan old armchairworkshop...

it was notin good condition andIheightadjustmentsystemwasbroken(threaded rod)

I was inspiredautomotivejacksforheightadjustmentsystem

I askedafriendto make mecustomgearsto have aperfect parallelogramwhateverheight

there is a screw-endlessof jacks andan oldcrank toraise the siege
the springsafterthescrews allowthe seatcushion

there arethrust ball bearing,for the screw andthe rotation

I deliberatelykeptas-istheseat and backrest

I alsoremanufacturelegs

the oldseatofthefirstphotos will berestored later
itisto show youwhatstatewas theblackin thisInstructables

Very cool. Are the circular feet old bearing races?
Very cool. I would buy that.
this is the single coolest chair i have ever seen. awesome, just awesome

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