Office Scud





Introduction: Office Scud

a simple far shooting office scud,

all you need...

+2x click type pen just needs a spring

+1x bic clear plastic pen (see picture)

+junior hack saw blade

+krazy glue (not really a tool but yeah)

Step 1: Cut.

cut the end of the clear plastic and take out the ink thing keep it and the tube

Step 2: Click

take appart the click type pens keep the springs and one of the the click mechinism keep both ink things

Step 3: Fire in the Cubicle

take the springs and streath them out take the spring and put them in the clear tube than put the clear thubes ink thing throught the springs

Step 4: Click and Fire

take the clicking mechinism and disasemble it keep this might not look the same

Step 5: Glue Here

glue the white thing here

Step 6: Youre Done/how to Fire

use the ink things from the pens as ammo if you want inky ammo take the ends off the ink things see picture on how to fire



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    can u be any more vauge?? bad ible dude :P

    I like it, just dont set your hand on fire

     Yes sir 

    I like the term 'Ink thingys'

    Reminds me of when I saw someone say "Capacitaters" instead of "capacitors" :D

    I give up :P

    its basically sorta this but it shoots pen inks

    ur camera is rubbish

    Dude, get a new camera...