Office Sling Shot, Better Version


Introduction: Office Sling Shot, Better Version

This sling shot is made up out of 6 utensils from a regular office

Step 1:

Get all these parts

Step 2:

first step

Step 3:

second step

Step 4:

third step

Step 5:

fourth step

Step 6:

fifth step

Step 7:

sixth step

Step 8:

seventh step

Step 9:

eighth step

Step 10:

ninth step

Step 11:

Step 12:



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    yes in my postive  and constructive to build way  they are right i know it probbly
     better than the office supplie sling shot made by ziondisk built
     i know even  before makeing the first one it is good enough for my
     aproval for good sling shots

    you can find the clips at the office supplie stores ,the dollarama ,staples
     and even in   art &  craft  stores

    1 reply

    i am right of corse you can also find it at places such as You can get them at nearly all office supply stores, like Staples you can even find the elastics,thumb
    tacks,rulers,push pins,and the some of the other parts at both of 
     office supllie stores,staples, and you can also find it at art & craft stores
     and even the dollarama and sudent suplie stores, and shcool supplie stores
    , and the stores were the teachers buy their stuff

    i am inpressed good idea i could  find this use-full it is personaly better than
     the office sling shot made by ziondisk becuase it is less risky of missfire
    when reloading this is what both me and you should both start to home maid
     factory for this  execellent sling shot