Ever notice how secret agents and spies get all the cool gear? Now you can, too!
Make your own mini grappling hook out of everyday office and household supplies, then let let loose on a top secret mission from Her Majesty's Secret Service.

This grappling hook design was built from the new book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2. This book has over 30 types of weapons and gadgets which can all easily be built with office or household supplies, most of which I had on hand already! I chose to build a personal favourite, the grappling gun. I recently got my hands on a copy of this book, you can read my review here.

Enough talk, let's make a mini grappling hook!

Step 1: tools + materials

  • masking tape
  • needle-nose pliers
  • hot glue
  • drill + bits / saw

  • floss container (full)
  • pencils x2
  • ballpoint pen (with removable back)
  • clothespin
  • cap from large marker
  • rubber band
  • pill/medicine bottle
  • paperclips
<p>how do i remove the pen bottom</p>
<p>you can either cut it off or use your teeth and pull it out :P</p>
<p>so i didn't have all the items you listed, but i had some substitutes. instead of a pill bottle i have a marker cap. instead of the marker cap on the top i used the center of the spool of dental floss. it isn't too great, but i think if i tinker with it i could make it better. thanks for the design!</p>
<p>Substitution is the name of the game! Glad you could make it work with the supplies you had. You should upload your videos to YouTube and share the results with other, too! </p><p>Thanks for sharing your version, enjoy the Pro Membership.</p>
<p>this is sweet</p>
You are going on my Awesome collection.
This is freakin beast! Best thing I've seen on Instructables for a while. (Yes, I've been creeping for five years or so without an account. X3)
This is the coolest thing on instructables
Made my own it probably doesn't shoot as far but it is more concealable
Does anyone know where I can get a travel size plastic bottle 3.4 fl. oz. or smaller?
Teachers beware that's hilarious
Love this mike! I made a penny/ change cannon since my friends started a penny war. I'll make an instruct able sooner or later.Keep up the good work!
Nice. I made one using the Youtube video here: <br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b__hTORlR_Y <br>Very cool.
The motor to wind it back up does work I've done it before
The motor to wind it back up does work I've done it before
I made one too.. I just lost it in our old house. My brother shoots it and makes the hook grab onto my shirt and he pulls me.. It's kinda annoying when my brother uses it.. But once I use it it becomes less annoying and more cool and spy-like.
totally one hindered and infintity percent awesome
how far can it shoot?
Does the gun work cause I haven't tried it yet
This is great. I laughed when I saw the name but this seems really legit. I think that not having access to these kinds of things is the only major downside to using <a href="http://eoffices.com/available-space/virtual-offices.html" rel="nofollow">virtual offices in Los Angeles, CA</a> like I do.
Thank you
This is my gun
Nice looking grapple! How far does yours go? <br />For sharing your version I've awarded you a 3-month Pro Membership and a digital patch. Way to go!
I made it and it didn't work!
What didn't work? Show us pictures!
Teachers beware!
nice idea thanks you ı can't wait to make this
Fantastic idea! I know a <a href="http://www.advantagedentalcentrecalgary.com" rel="nofollow">dentist Calgary</a> who had one of these in his office. I always wondered if a kid left it or if it was his ha.
stop removing my gun or i am really gonna be pissed!! please mikeasaurus i am following you this gun is one of my favourites what else do u want me 2 do? for heaven's sake stop this!!!!
Sweet grappling hook. FOr sharing your version you get a 3-month Pro Membership and a digital patch!
Than mike
thank you very much!!! this has been my in one of my two favourites i mean,this gun is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!&iexcl; whoops upside down exclamation mark.........
thank you o much mikeasarus!!!!! i am so glad that you thought what i made was good.say,don't tell me that idea was from mini weapons of mass destruction?
That, my friend, is pure epicness. One more reason to stall on my homework, consider me inspired. If you'll excuse me I'm going to search my house for supplies. I'll take pictures.
Done. Sorry for the bad quality, I took this picture with my webcam.<br>I also wasn't able to keep the hooks on long enough to taker the picture- whoops!
Thanks for sharing your version! You get a digital patch and a free 3-month Pro Membership. Enjoy!
where is my own digital patch and a free 3-month Pro Membership!!!! please give me one 2!! or else i will ******!!!@@###%%**&amp;*&amp;&amp;__+(
Ahhh... stalling on homework.. Im doing it right now!
why do you do this to me?? stop this thing or i'm gonna be pissed!!!
no!!! my spring is 2 weak 2 hold the rubber band U R Posting goood instructables!!
look at that gun below!!!
watch my gun!!!!!!
that is so cool!!!!! i'll no be surprised if u have 20,000 followers. maybe you're a mutant like professor X!! u have the best brain for inventing!!!! <br> <br>P.S. I AM FOLLOWING YOU!!! I AM CALLED LIONBLAZE.DON'T SEARCH ME!!! I DON'T HAVE A GOOD COMPUTER SO I CAN'T POST ANY THING...... =(
This is my grappling hook gun. I didn't have a wooden clothespin so I just release the elastic band by hand. I only have 2.7 m of floss though. But it shoots really good.
I made one too, but I didn't have a wooden clothespin so I had to use a plastic one. Now my hook don't shoot that far :(
i added another barrel to mine so it shoots pencils as well as the grappling hook! i hid the string, too.
Awesome, thanks for sharing! <br />Where/how did you hide the string? I would be neat to show us how you made yours on your project page. <br /> <br />For posting your version of this project you've been awarded a 3-month Pro Membership and a digital patch!

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