Office Supply Catapult, Goes 35 Feet!!!





Introduction: Office Supply Catapult, Goes 35 Feet!!!

What you need:
- 10 pencils
- at least 14 rubber bands
- strong string
- bottle cap
- scissors
- something to make a hole in the bottle cap
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Step 1:

Do what the picture shows.

Step 2:

This is the the next step. also use more than one rubber band if you want to make it stronger.

Step 3:

Make a square.

Step 4:

Do this.

Step 5:

Make a slanted square on top.

Step 6:

Put this on.

Step 7:

Put the other pencil on and tie the string on the bottom.

Step 8:

Cut one of the rubber bands.

Step 9:

Tie the rubber band around the two front pencils.

Step 10:

Put the last pencil through the string.

Step 11:

Wind the pencil up in the string

Step 12:

Push the pencil up through the string and place it behind the rubber band.

Step 13:

Make a hole in the bottle cap big enough so the pencil can fit in.

Step 14:

Now push the pencil into the bottle cap. Now your finished! Hope you have fun! You can also slide the string back and forth along the two side pencils to change the angle of the catapult, and the farther you wind the pencil in the string the farther it will go!

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what are some other things we can use besides a bottle cap


Use half of an Easter Egg instead of a bottlecap. Much easier

i just tightened the stick i put in the string and it shoots even further.

A helpful tip : instead of putting a hole through the bottle cap to attach it, just tape it ( it is easier and works just as good).

How do you tighten the stick?

well, you could just use a plastic spoon. but that works out too! you should get this book called

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare

the instructions were also very clear!!

I Made it!!!!!!! It came out awesome. I did one modification though; I made mine with popsicle sticks. I had to apply masking tape to the corners to strengthen it. A helpful tip: put a small piece of wood of popsicle stick (or anything small) and use that to twirl between the string, then tape or glue on your catapult arm(a pencil or popsicle stick).

did it er um '-' sorta

very good and easy instructible but i don't now why mine looks like a duck


Great job on the directions! Very easy to follow :)