evryone gots stingers and critters if u find a nest u use these ways to kill em easy or maybe just rile bugs

Step 1: Hello Everybody, Welcome to the Greatest and Latest

edition of fishcatchers learnin !!

notes.......i have become trained in the ins and outs of photoschop a new brother he is dylan
............made 7th grade team
...........happu birthday to harry u big turd :P


Step 2: Everyone Hates Bugs and Wishes God Never Made Em But He Did for a Reason

Picture of Everyone Hates Bugs and Wishes God Never Made Em But He Did for a Reason

cause some indians use them and coons and other things eat em. we got a load down by the sandy part of the property. dad got stung but he says they dont hurt but he looked bad. time to get even if they attack you u attack them as the golden rule says!!!!!!!!

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Step 3: Hunt Down the Nest

Picture of Hunt Down the Nest

u can hearm buzzin for miles but they only live durin the day so look out for holes. lots of the fighters attack u when u get close so u gotta have a friend. i took harry for the lookout. make sure u bring a stick to punch the ground. OK LETS; GO!!!

Step 4: Get Em

Picture of Get Em

ok here is the best step i couldnt add thewords to the picture so i will describe it for yall.
ok lots of ways to kill them---

dynamite from the shed works but peole in the other ones dont like dynamite but it works the best

if u got a blower then u turn it on, and u gotta shove it in the hole and let it run till it goes dry

cement works good but its heavy just put it on the hole
gas!!! my favorite get a load of gas and poour it all down the hole and then get some straw put it on and light it kapow!! u got flamers LMFAO

fourth the tradidinal use the coon from a trap its the way thats peaceful cause coons LOVE bugs and will just eat em up and then u can throw the trap in the lake that night but dont forgot to tie a line or dad will whoop u

ok questions please give em below thanks have a fun time

last but not lost is the lawmower u start it like a blower and leave it and they will chop up the little devils


Kat the coffee hound (author)2008-12-15

Very inventive.

leevonk (author)2007-10-27

this instructable is awesome, good work!

IdealL (author)2011-04-28

Could coke and poprocks make a good insect repellant?

TN777 (author)IdealL2012-02-10

I got an idea! This kid one time did a science experiment using coke cola and nerds. Everyone said that ain't gonna work, kid. But it exploded and hit the roof of the science room! U might do this to get rid of waspers. First, open a bottle of pop and a large box of nerds. Throw both in the hole which is the nest, and run! It should explode and the ones that survived this pop drowning will be drunk and fly away. I don't know if it would work, though! Be careful if u try it!

IdealL (author)2011-04-28

Could you write an instructable on how to punch with a stick?

scafool (author)2008-12-28

If those are Craftsman Lawnmowers you might be able to enter the contest.

fishcatcher (author)scafool2009-02-11


mazeka.14 (author)2008-12-12

you should capitalize "God"

orangemsp (author)2008-06-23

worst instructable evAR!@#

stevoIution (author)2007-10-26

You throw live, caged raccoons in a lake?

stevoIution (author)stevoIution2007-10-28

He didn't have the balls to respond here for some reason -

fishcatcher says "ua i thrpw them in they kill and eat our chickens!!! we got a livelyhood u jerk and u goin to burn in hell witler"

Great response, I take great offense to the term "witler." How dare you accuse me of shaping sticks with a knife.

fishcatcher (author)stevoIution2007-10-28

why do u hate me and u suposed to b nice

stevoIution (author)fishcatcher2007-10-28

Why do you drown helpless animals, you are supposed to be nice.

I don't hate you, I just think you're family tree is probably a straight line.

fishcatcher (author)stevoIution2007-10-29

they eat our chickens cant u blames us? we got fencing but they dig around u ever slapped a nat or mudskeeto? they r helpless

stevoIution (author)fishcatcher2007-11-01


mycroftxxx (author)stevoIution2008-05-10

OK, I'm totally failing to see the humor in this pic. What's so funny?

stevoIution (author)mycroftxxx2008-06-19

Just adding to the in-bred atmosphere.

dobbybabee (author)stevoIution2008-06-09

Not all Muslims are radical terrorists. Get rid of that picture please.

stevoIution (author)dobbybabee2008-06-19

Ummm, I was implying that fishcatcher was a redneck. Honestly, I'm surprised the guy who wrote that sign could write.

smokehill (author)stevoIution2007-11-21

I wouldn't foul my pond with those things, or risk my dogs picking up an infectious disease. I prefer just shooting them straight out, but if I have to trap foxes, coons or possums, I just shoot them in the trap and leave them out for the buzzards, whose immune system can handle it. If they don't bother my livestock I don't bother them, but I feel no compunction to "play fair" with pests. Since we've eliminated most of their predators, we'd better be prepared to fill that spot -- and if you've ever seen what a coyote or bobcat does to their prey, shooting, and maybe even drowning, is better.

stevoIution (author)smokehill2007-11-21

At least shooting it is quick (unless you're drunk and have to shoot it several times.)

smokehill (author)stevoIution2007-11-23

It's a lot quicker and cleaner than wild animals kill their prey, and especially bobcats, who play with their food, and foxes, which are some of the nastiest, cruellest creatures ever born. Despite the silly claim of people who live in the suburbs, man is not the only animal that kills just for pleasure. Foxes will gleefully rip out a bit of breast meat from a dozen chickens and then kill the rest of the pen after he's full, leaving a batch of agonized, bleeding hens to die slowly over many hours. If I figured it'd teach the rest of the foxes some manners, I'd gut-shoot them and let 'em die slowly, too ... but it seems unlikely to get the point across.

stevoIution (author)2007-10-28

I was under the impression that most kids learn to spell by 7th grade.

Whaleman (author)stevoIution2007-11-03

I learned in second grade.

Kiteman (author)2007-10-26

Fishcatcher - please, re-read my last PM.

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