Oobleck Wallet





Introduction: Oobleck Wallet

playing catch
punching bag
storing money
self defense(throw it at someone)
I got a video!

Step 1: You'll Need

ziplock bag
food coloring if you want

Step 2: Oobleck

most websites say use 1 to 1.5 times more cornstarch than water, I used about twice the amount but you should experiment
by adding cornstarch to water while stirring
this is the stuff that gets hard if you hit it hard so don't stir it hard, or pour it down your sink
to make it cooler you can add food coloring

Step 3: Almost Done

put the oobleck in the bag, but a little less than half full, squeeze all the air out, tape the top

Step 4: Finish

make a sheet of tape, put more tape on the sticky side except for the bottom and sides, stick it on, now it's a coin holder
fold it in half, tape the sides and you're done



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    i used a whisk. if it gets hard it will cut threw it and stir

    hmm... how long did this wallet last? and can i safely put it in my back pocket? asuming that i am going to sit down sooner or later? interesting use of oobleck though. i love oobleck.

    if you sit fast enough, it will become solid!

    Not going to be good if you travel by air. Homeland Security would be all over you.

    Oobleck (or ooblech, seen it spelled both ways, although oobleck is the correct way, I looked it up in the book) is from a Dr Seuss book, "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" The king of the land is bored of just rain, sun, and snow, so he has his wizards create a new form of weather, oobleck. The oobleck becomes a problem by making the whole kingdom sticky, if it wasn't for Bartholomew, the kingdom would have perished.

    Wikipedia has an article on it, it's right here.

    i jus want to know why you would throw something with all your money in it at some one who is tryin to attack you and or take all your money?

    "Rawr! Attack me then, CHA! I got the super oobleck wallet! Mwhahhaa..."
    "...I'm attacking..."
    "Oh wait wait wait...I need to take out the cash first..." *pours out some assortment of coins and notes* *stuffs into pockets* *chucks oobleck wallet*

    Lol...That's how someone like me probably do it...alternatively, just run in the opposite direction of charging...

    I tried to post a video but gave up after the first hour, this stuff does work though