Oodie Hoodie: Accessorize Any Jacket! (with Sketchbook Pro Tutorial Video)





Introduction: Oodie Hoodie: Accessorize Any Jacket! (with Sketchbook Pro Tutorial Video)

This post was made for the "Dream it, draw it, wear it" contest.
So...I forgot to save the original intro I wrote, but here it is as best as I could re-phrase it for you without changing any ideas.

Recently, I lost my favorite hoodie and since have been wearing other jackets that do not offer any warmth for my ears.   In thinking about this I came up with the "oodie hoodie" which would be made of sweatshirt material and accessorize any jacket that didn't already have a hoodie.

I do not have a stylus, and even if I did I don't think my Sketchbook pro sketches could improve. 

As you can see, the oodie could be worn over anything, and  would have buttons to provide clasping to keep the hoodie from falling off.  I also added a hand sketch of the main concept.

Tight: this style would be well fitted 
Slouchy: This style would fit comfortably

The bronze colored hoodie would have thread-like pattern, as in a light bulb but on fabric and the inner hoodie color would stand out, as seen above. Other combinations could include bronze-pink, bronze-yellow, bronze-black.  The bronze hoodie base width would be mid shoulder length.

The gray hoodie would be a comfortable fit at shoulder width at the base. Also other color variations would be possible.
Here is my sketchbook pro 5 minute tutorial for the oodie hoodie.



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It's like a hoodie dickie! I love it

I had to google hoodie dickie...yes it is, but a tad bit more fashionable :D

MUCH more fashionable, keep on making

I think you did a great job drawing it and it's an awesome idea :)

Take this to shark tank. ;)

I'm glad you think this idea is good enough for shark tank :) I entered it in the Dream it, draw it, wear it contest.