Open cv+ arduino+ many hours == AWSOME!!!!

video Open cv+ arduino+ many hours == AWSOME!!!!
this is pretty dang sweet. its about the coolest thing ive done with my arduino in a long time.
basically I used the Face tracking demo that comes with opencv and modded it till it ran a little faster then i made it so it would send info about the position of the persons face over the serial port.
UPDATE: 9/8/2010
finally the instructable has came to fruition !
the guide and code can be found here:

kyle brinkerhoff (author) 3 years ago
hey heres the instructable!
kyle brinkerhoff (author) 4 years ago
shure! the actual construction is super easy, theirs only 3 parts that you really even have to make from scratch, heck only 2 parts if you just buy the wheels!
Culturespy4 years ago
Any chance you'd do a step by step Instructable for us. This is really great!