NetFront browser is too slow for your psp??
try opera mini for the high speed perfomance i'll show u how to prepare all things needed here~

Step 1: Things You'll Need

1. A hacked PSP (Phat or Slim) (Recommended 5.00 M33-6 FW)
2. A PC (to get the files)
3. An USB cable or an Memory Stick adapter
4. A Memory Stick (with at least 20 MB free (I don't have the exact MB # that PSPKVM and Opera Mini takes but I think that 20 MB should be enough))
5. An Internet connection (both on your PSP and in your PC)

Step 2: Get Files

-get PSPKVM 0.5.1 here (j2me launcher)

Place in the folder X:/PSP/GAME5XX/ were X: is the letter of your drive (copy the ENTIRE pspkvm folder!).

-get Opera Mini here

choose sony ericsson w850i (compatible one for psp)

and download the jar file!

Place in root Folder X:/

Step 3: Let's Begin

Now, click on "Find Applications", and select the file "opera-mini-advanced.jar" (should be on the root). Press O and it should ask you if you want to install the app, click yes (the bottom options are with [Select] and [Start] if you haven't already figured it).

Choose the device J2ME 480*272 (this adjusts Opera to the PSP screen size).

Wait to it to finish.


Step 4:

If you did everything correctly, "Opera Mini" should be now on your main PSPKVM menu.

Click on it to start Opera Mini.

To change the settings...
Launch Opera Mini.
Go to Menu>Tools>Settings.

You can choose an custom color theme, font size (I recommend small), and more.

That's it!

Step 5: Troubleshooting Steps

this is troubleshooting step from poparoo (thanx):

1-Start PSPVKM
2-Go to network set up. Press start to launch
3- click your network name. Press start
4- wait for it to finish and click done. Press start
5-Press Select to go back to the main page
6- Start opera mini!

Note : Your network needs to be configured on your PSP before you do it.
shuld i extract first the zip folder?
where can i get the pspkvm??
 "U" is a vowel... It just sounds weird using it here
Though i am connected to net, while installing opera says &quot;Failed to connect to Internet&quot;<br /> PLZ HELp ME<br />
your guide was really easy to follow.<br /> <br /> Thanks, and you did an excellent job on this too!&nbsp;
Many thanks too =D<br />
one more thing is there any way to install adobe flash player so i can go on playlist
err.. so far, there's no flash player yet... probably opera mini will add flash player on the next release...<br/><br/>=]<br/>
this is cool but it gets confusing when i first tried to type with the keyboard it came up in chinese then i figured out how to switch to english
There is another browser for the psp called Links2, You really should see it.
Thank you for your recommendation I'll try to google it now.<br/><br/>=]<br/>
Your welcome ;)
I can't figure out how to type.
nvm-commenting from opera mini!
okay- back to computer. typing is a little rough- if you could give some instruction on that, that would help a lot. I think I'll stick to the psp browser. but this is great to have around for times where psp browser doesn't cut it (instructables, for instance).
sorry for the late respond. unluckily pspvkm doesn't release the virtual keyboard from psp system. at the first time, you'll be confused about the keyboard. after several using the keyboard you'll suddenly able to take it easy.
<strong>HELP IS AT HAND</strong><br/><br/>If it is not working because it says: Failed to connect to the internet<br/>Goto ...(helpsite)...with your desktop browser .<br/><br/>Then Heres what to do:<br/>1-Start PSPVKM<br/>2-Go to network set up. Press start to launch<br/>3- click your network name. Press start<br/>4- wait for it to finish and click done. Press start<br/>5-Press Select to go back to the main page<br/>6- Start opera mini!<br/><br/>Note : Your network needs to be configured on your PSP before you do it.<br/><br/>Hope this helps!<br/>4-<br/>
And if this helps, riccolesmana could you add it to your ible say in a : Troubleshooting Step
thank you so much poparoo4..<br/>i don't mind this one<sub> many ppl got this problem..</sub><br/>thx again <sup></sup><br/>
Thnx For puttin me on ur ible hope you don't mind that i put my steps on one of my own 'ibles!
i tried, but i can't get it to install
what can't u get?? pspvkm/opera file??
opera file won't install
err..<br/>i haven't been like this before..<br/>did u tried to get another opera file??<br/><br/>previous version may help u..<br/>get it at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://operamini.com/">http://operamini.com/</a> or access directly from your psp by entering <a rel="nofollow" href="http://mini.opera.com/">http://mini.opera.com/</a><br/>
Hey erm... i have a problem. In opera mini it says"Failed to connect to the internet Goto ...(helpsite)...with your desktop browser " It also connected at startup to my wireless network(and its an active internet connection )
did u tried 4 connection test?? if it's still fail<sub> this may caused by network issue..</sub><br/><br/>try the other wireless network may solve the problem~<br/>
Oh no,i tinkered the setting and got it to work. man your a genius I can now login into instructables!(Psp browser can not login here)

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