Orange Cream





Introduction: Orange Cream

A great snack for both young and old.

Step 1: Materials

this is what you need:

1. orange soda(any would do)
2. vanilla ice cream (any would do)
3. ice cream scoop
4. cup
5. spoon

Step 2: Add the Soda

fill a cup with the orage soda a little less than half

Step 3: Add the Ice Cream

Fill the cup all the way with the vanilla ice cream. If its to thick you might want to add a little soda if its to runny add a little more ice cream. Its really up to you however you want it.

Step 4: Mix

mix the ingredients up really good unitl it looks like one component and not two.Enjoy try using root beer for a delicious root beer float



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    Here in Brazil we call that "Vaca Amarela". That means "Yellow Cow". We do "Black Cow" and "White Cow" too. Made with Coke and Sprite. Thanks for this instructable.

    I love making these! So much more delicious than a root beer float!

    Oh yea, I used to eat / drink these. never with orange though, alway coke / lemonade. Tell you what though - how about beer? (Or is that stupid?) L

    Looks tasty, if a bit blurry. Try using the macro setting on your camera.

    1 reply

    The number of times people say "use the macro setting"... it doesn't work on my camera. Could also be hand-shake - low light, long exposure? L

    awesome! lol it just so happens that i am eating an orange cream sickle :-D