Picture of oreo pump gun
This is about all the pieces you'll need. which would be couple pieces of wood,plexi glass,screws,a spring,bungee cord,a rubber band, a exercise band. Also the tools you would also need would consist of a hammer,drill,a vice grip,a band saw.

Step 1:

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Cut the wood to the shape of the gun which will ultimately be 1st layer of the gun. so what you would want is the handle and the base.
JonnyBGood1 year ago

I want to see the final product man! The anxiety is killing me

selias332 years ago
I'm really proud of you, Marlon. Remember -- this is the start of the new you. Keep studying, keep making, and keep publishing your stuff on instructables!
MrE2 years ago
Okay? So does this thing shoot oreo's or something.It would be nice to see the end product do what it is supposed to do.