Organic POWERFUL Spay Cleaner


Introduction: Organic POWERFUL Spay Cleaner

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the most cheap organic cleaner you can make.

Step 1: Ingredients

4 table spoons of bicarb soda
spray bottle
salt 3 spoons

when you go shopping if you dont already have these ingredients , buy cheap products as they work the same. MONEY SAVER!

Step 2: Mix Together

  • first add the bicarb-soda then the lemon (if you want) as the lemon soaks into the bicarb-soda stir it around and slowly add water and other natural ingredients.EXTRAS LIKE (mint , lemon grass)
  • once you have all ingredients in the bottle shake WELL.

Step 3: Testing

to test your powerful cleaner , add a little drop of food die on your table (glass in case) rub it in and let it dry.

now spray some cleaner on the mark and watch the cleanerwork.



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    This looks like a great, and very simple solution! Thank you!

    1 reply

    Thank you , make sure you vote for me in the spring cleaning comp.