Origami Cat





Introduction: Origami Cat

i love cats and origami. if you do this is the instructable is 4 j00

Step 1: What You Need

you need
- a piece of paper square or rectagle
- a pencil (optianal)

Step 2: Time 2 Get Folding

fold the top left point so it makes a ponit on the right top.do the same for square paper

Step 3: Cutting

you can cut the paper any way you want.i did the fold n lick

Step 4: More Folding (yay)!

fold like the pictures

Step 5: Make the Chin

fold the point up for the chin until ur happy

Step 6: Be ~*>creative<*~

draw ur face any way you'd like i chose is very simple

Step 7: Ending

now ur done yay! very simple and adicting make as many as you want



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    If I can remember if you dont fold the point in to make the chin instead fold it in half and then cut off the ears you can cut shapes into it and make a snow flake.

    Cool! Awesome! My friend likes cats so much, all he mostly says is Meow.... Maybe i should show him this lol

    And theres this girl in school she's like 6 feet taller than everybody, and the cat boy, he always bends his knees, jumps up, and hits her ponytail. It's pretty funny.

    my cat, he jumps like 3 feet in the air,mouth wide open. for a stupid cat toy xD

    That hasn't been on Nickelodeon in like...... 10,000,000,112,565,456,650 years! But they said rofl waffle? Ooohhhh..... yeh the retarted looking one. He's hilarious.

    gordon is funny, with his scottish accent XD

    Thank you, this is amazing !