while net surfing i found this beautiful origami dress.. i first learned it and now sharing it with you

Step 1:

take 2 square papers

make preiliminary base from 1 paper

now follow as per photos

Step 2:

use photos as guidelines and follow simple folding steps

here we are done with top part

make use of glue wherever needed

Step 3:

now take 2nd paper

fold it as shown in photos

this makes bottom part or skirt of dress

Step 4:

now assemble the two pieces as shown

reverse arrangement

add a white strip as belt

dress is ready

Easy to follow instructions, minus some of tye cutting requires which was not too clear, but it tirned out beautifully. If you fold a small edge on the top and bottom of the skirt you dont have to glue anything extra on, and it looks much more professional.

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