I like tiny, so I took 2 pieces of origami paper and cut into little pieces (1.875 cm). 60 pieces are needed per earring.
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Step 1:

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fold diagonally 

Step 2:

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mark the centre at the buttom

Step 3:

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fold centre down and up again, but slightly under the top, so you'll see a little of orange.

Step 4:

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fold the sides to top

Step 5:

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open one side and push down

Step 6:

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fold the piont down.

Step 7:

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fold the side double

Step 8:

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glew marked parts

Step 9:

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after drying
push each part a bit open (form the leaf)
Glew 5 pieces together to make 1 flower.
when you have 12 flowers,
glew 3 flowers together

Step 10:

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now glew the 4 (3flowers) together, but don't forget to put a piece of wire in it.
Now get your pliers and make a 90 degree bend.

Step 11:

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now grap the end and role it towards the corner.
place your earring in it

Step 12:

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now polish it
Althea marie E made it!10 months ago

I love it! I like it ! It''s so beautiful

Kyla54411 months ago

I love these! They are so unique!

maryalma1 year ago
beautiful! what is it you are using in step 5 to help fold? what glue works best? What do you use to polish?
ellierim (author)  maryalma1 year ago

Thanks! Tthe tool is a folding bone. I used tacky glue and fimo (waterbased) vernis to polish.

armstk1802 years ago
Very nice !
If you manufacture this , i am sure you can sell it in large stock

Good luck ...
ynze2 years ago
mjcondon12 years ago
Oh. My. God.
artfulann2 years ago
Amazing! I was going to make some origami earrings- just simple cranes miniaturized, but you put me to shame!