this is the first instructable on how to make an origami flip knife, which of coarse can flip in and out.it is fairly simple and only needs a square sheet of paper, but entertains for hours.

Step 1: starting folds

start with colored side up, and fold diagonally from the upper right corner to lower left, and the upper left corner to the lower right and unfold
<p>its swaaggg</p>
<p>i made my own variation,and i am thinking about posting it</p>
<p>it is super easy</p>
<p>I made it!!!</p>
<p>so cool</p>
you're not explaining right part 7
it is ok, but not durable
last step is blurry but apart from that cool :P
cool my little sis will love this
wtf is going on in step 5!?!?!?!?
lmfao, i agree i dont get step 5 too
i don't get it in the frames some of the picture were the same
@xMIKEABx<br>IKR?????<br>they should explain more
this is just so easy but really cool at the same time
I've been with Origami for a while, and I've been wondering,<br> &quot;Is the Origami flip knife a pretty sturdy piece of work?&quot;&nbsp; I realise that&nbsp;with <em>some</em> things, the more complicated the design, the more <em>susceptible</em>&nbsp;the craft is to wear and damage.&nbsp; If I strike it softly yet firmly against a surface&nbsp;with it as&nbsp;I could the Origami shuriken and the kunai,&nbsp;or even&nbsp;if I carry it around&nbsp;often or whatever, would it last a while?&nbsp;&nbsp;Carrying it around seems as though&nbsp;I might have ulterior motives, but no--I'm&nbsp;not inclined toward a little <em>spree</em> of my&nbsp;choosing, though paper cuts alone pose an immediate problem.&nbsp; You know, I just can't help but to wonder.&nbsp; I might, however, could do well with&nbsp;a little...<em>practise</em>.&nbsp;&nbsp;Target practise, aiming, of course.&nbsp; Nothing <em>completely</em> dangerous.
same as me <br>
i can't get the second fold could u make a video
There isa video tutorial just go on youtube and type in Origami Folding Knife hope this helps dude
Dude, not to be mean, but swearing in your captions is just not right!<br />
&quot;friggin&quot; is not as bad as the &quot;real&quot; swear u know.<br />
reallly cool idea! i suck at origami&nbsp; i wish i was better so i could do this its xonfusing to me
yeah i really suk at doin this to maybe you can help me sometime<br /> <br />
amazing especially if you have red and white origami paper :) 5 stars
I guess I made it...I got lost on step 9 though, put the right what in where?&nbsp; But I guess the finished knife is good enough!
this is sooooooooooooooo cool just made one in like one min
can u clarify things cuz i got lost at step 3 and 4.
epic win.
sorry but ive been gone for quite a while. to do 7&8 you fold the white diagonally both ways where it meets the red part. hope that helps!
wait i got it :P
me neither this guy sucks at explaining things
never mind i got it

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