Introduction: Origami: Folding Paperclay...

this is a short video made for my final year project. it is a demo that shows you how to fold paperclay.

to see or find out more about my project please visit

thanks and enjoy.

i am very happy and open for views and comments!


microman171 made it! (author)2009-05-08

Laser cut!? Lucky you, everyone seems to have one these days. Looks good, but I don't know what paper clay is...

ice-cream-bucket made it! (author)ice-cream-bucket2009-05-09

Laser cutter...not mine! Actually studying at the University of Dundee doing Product Design. And of course just using the laser cutting for my final year project. Paperclay is just a type of clay (that you can buy or make yourself) that has cellulose fibres mixed into the clay, ie. paper. It is quite a weird material to play with!

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