Picture of origami paper bin
I needed a bin for my bedroom as it was getting a bit messy and i couldn't find any nice ones so i decided to make one myself. As the image shows this bin is quite unusual.I hope my instructions are easy enough to understand.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
a large 2:1 sheet of paper ( I recommend 50 cm by 100 cm)
a glue stick or tape 
The knowledge of valley folds and mountain folds.
A valley fold is when you bring the two sides of the paper up towards eachother, just like a valley or a v.
A mountain fold is when you bring the two sides of the paper down towards eachother, just like a mountain or a ^.
Rob_B28053 months ago

Nice, I think I am going to give it a try.

calgirlya1 year ago

This is beautiful. I wonder if I could use as a speaker for an mp3 player or other mobile device. Would need to leave the base point open a bit ... Thanks.

nathan nash (author)  calgirlya1 year ago

That could work, a paper bin with a speaker would be pretty cool.

agis682 years ago
wow! excellent work . I sould do this atleast try it (iam not so good with paper work litle a bit slappy) lol
nathan nash (author)  agis682 years ago
Thanks, if you do make one can you post a picture of it.