Picture of origami paper bin
I needed a bin for my bedroom as it was getting a bit messy and i couldn't find any nice ones so i decided to make one myself. As the image shows this bin is quite unusual.I hope my instructions are easy enough to understand.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
a large 2:1 sheet of paper ( I recommend 50 cm by 100 cm)
a glue stick or tape 
The knowledge of valley folds and mountain folds.
A valley fold is when you bring the two sides of the paper up towards eachother, just like a valley or a v.
A mountain fold is when you bring the two sides of the paper down towards eachother, just like a mountain or a ^.

Step 2: Precreasing

Picture of precreasing
2013-06-17 19.12.27.jpg
Firstly get your 2:1 rectangle and divide (by folding) into 32th. Now Valley fold followed by a mountain fold  (To do this fold it in half, then fold that in half, then fold that in half, then fold that in half and then fold that in half). Next repeat until you have the entire sheet completed.

Step 3: THe easy part

Picture of THe easy part
2013-06-17 19.14.58.jpg
Valley fold in half then mountain fold in half again.

Step 4: The harder part

Firstly collapse it all ( fold it up then down and repeat). Next fold along the last crease made on  step 3 to your desired acute angle ( this angle cannot be 90 or it won't work as a bin 40-50 should work). Open it up and reverse fold along that angle, repeat this until the entire sheet is done.

Step 5: The easiest step

Picture of the easiest step
2013-06-17 19.40.27.jpg
Open it up, then finally glue the two edges together. 

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If there is a large hole at the bottom tape the two bottom sides together or get a piece of cardboard and glue one side to the left and the other side to the right. Or any other variation which tightens it.  
Rob_B28052 months ago

Nice, I think I am going to give it a try.

calgirlya1 year ago

This is beautiful. I wonder if I could use as a speaker for an mp3 player or other mobile device. Would need to leave the base point open a bit ... Thanks.

nathan nash (author)  calgirlya1 year ago

That could work, a paper bin with a speaker would be pretty cool.

agis682 years ago
wow! excellent work . I sould do this atleast try it (iam not so good with paper work litle a bit slappy) lol
nathan nash (author)  agis682 years ago
Thanks, if you do make one can you post a picture of it.