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This is my origami piano. I hope you have fun making it!
You will need :
origami paper or a normal A4 sheet
scissors (only if you are using an A4 sheet of paper)
supplys to decorate your piano

Step 1:

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lf you are using a normal A4 sheet of paper you will need to cut it into a square here's how:
fold the corner diagonally to where it makes a straight line down at the bottom as shown in photo 1
then cut off the rectangle which is hanging out as shown in photo 2
then unfold it and taa-daa you have a square

Step 2: Folding

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Now it's time to fold!
Step 1 fold your square in half so its a rectangle
Step 2 fold your rectange in half so its a square again
Step 3 now unfold your last fold
Step 4 fold one side in to the crease in the middle
Step 5 repeat step 4 on the other side
Step 6 push your finger down on one sides top corner then fold it down so it makes a little triangle
Step 7 repeat step 6 on the other side
Step 8 fold the first layer of paper at the bottom to the top
Step 9 fold a little bit of the paper down at the top
Step 10 fold one of the sides in to the middle
Step 11 now fold the other side in
Step 12 unfold both sides
Step 13 now unfold the paper which is folded up

Step 3: DECORATE!!!

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Now it's time to get creative decorate your piano
thank you for reading and I hope you had fun! :)
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Awesome Bro (author)2015-10-06

awesome fold

NuMellow (author)2014-11-20

pretty cool. Thanks for sharing this

pikagirl8840 (author)NuMellow2014-11-21

thank you!!!!! : ]

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