paper square

Step 1: fold and cut

Fold it in half and cut them in half
ok it's good but it could be clearer<br /> good anyway :D&nbsp;
Kinda confusing to me. I am a good visual+word person. So it would help if you added words other than just "Image will help and all, do the same with both" ?? doesnt make sense, I mean the words do, but describe the pics too!
My <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/The_Easiest_Way_To_Make_A_Paper_Ninja_Star/">instructable</a> is easier to follow.<br/>
its best if you just fold the square into a 4th size then do the same thing to another one.
hard to make your photos are not good and i dont understand step 5
if my dosnt work look at youtube and see
keep trying the more you make the easier it will get
but can you explane step 5?
dude, this instructable is so UBER PWNAGE!!!! I made a bunch of these on a smaller scale usin the steps and threw them in class, got in trouble but 7/5!! =}<br/>
srry u got in trouble.
nawh its ok, my teacher is relly strict mean and old
These are really cool. I found the pattern and tried it on another site.....The one problem with them is that if done well they can be REALLY pointy....the site I got it off of even had a warning that said to wear goggles when throwing them.....so be careful!
Not bad, a little blurry
this is crazy good
This worked crazy well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you use a pen and color in one but not the other one to help show which is which
thanks dude that worked way better than the other one ur cool
THANKS! these worked a WHOLE lot better than those other ones! 5/5!
Thank you. Your so kind. Tell every people to look at my shurikens. They will have the easy and simple shuriken they'll ever made.
Thank you soooooo much!!! Everyone elses instructable on this sucked, I actually could understand this one!!! 5/5 and fave

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