Origami Shuriken





Introduction: Origami Shuriken

paper square

Step 1: Fold and Cut

Fold it in half and cut them in half

Step 2: Fold

Fold each of them in half
hotdog fold

Step 3: Fold

Try to make them as a arrow

Step 4: Fold

Image will help and all
do the same with both

Step 5: Turn and Puting Together

Turn one of them over. and make it look like image 2.
Put the turn one under the not turn one.

Step 6: Done

done now throw it



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    ok it's good but it could be clearer
    good anyway :D 

    Kinda confusing to me. I am a good visual+word person. So it would help if you added words other than just "Image will help and all, do the same with both" ?? doesnt make sense, I mean the words do, but describe the pics too!

    its best if you just fold the square into a 4th size then do the same thing to another one.

    hard to make your photos are not good and i dont understand step 5

    if my dosnt work look at youtube and see

    keep trying the more you make the easier it will get

    dude, this instructable is so UBER PWNAGE!!!! I made a bunch of these on a smaller scale usin the steps and threw them in class, got in trouble but 7/5!! =}

    srry u got in trouble.