Origami Steeley Mcbeam (steelers Mascot)





Introduction: Origami Steeley Mcbeam (steelers Mascot)

this is a origami "model" of steeley mcbaem. i used jo nakashima's video on how to make an origami little boy, then took his scamatic of the luigi version and changed the colors and added a little more to look like the steelers' mascot! unfortunately i folded it like the mario version so the trousers are a little short :P you can mess around with that if you want. here is the link to the instructions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bFfZqMWHVE  

also i added the schematic to my version (steeley mcbeam) all you have to do is print, fold, and tape the face on, also the original schematic or mario, luigi and other guys are on the description of the video.

https://www.instructables.com/file/FPFR7QVGN1I6I5W/  here is the link to the schematic. you might have to use your internet browser print button to print it, i know i did.



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    I thought you liked the eagles!!!

    oooooooooh, im actually from pittsburgh, the eagles are philidelphia's football team

    + I thought you lived in pennsyvaina

    ok! sure but the eagles are cool and I kinda like the steelers :)

    from what ive heard, yes. i dont pay too much attention to sports so i had to ask my mom about that one :P i dont care too much about college football anyways, only the nfl

    do the texans mascot,bull

    that actually wouldnt be too hard, but i wouldnt be able to do it until summer time, this took me a while to do and i am very busy with school right now. you can do it yourself if you want it earlier than in the summer.

    at least i dont like the pirates (baseball), they are horrible! what football team do you like?