Picture of origami tall samurai helmit or hat
Ok let get started with a piece of square origami paper.
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Step 1: Fold

Picture of fold
Start with a square paper in front of you.
Fold it in half to a triangle

Step 2: Fold

Picture of fold
fold the triangle in half then unfold.

Step 7: Final fold

Picture of final fold
On the bottom of the first image put the bottom triangle in the hat. Then your done.

Step 8: Join

Picture of Join
If you seen this Instructables you can join my group at
if you want to join the origami club. It is for people who want to learn origami. People who are advance in origami can join my group. People with a origami Instructables will be posted on the origami club and you can join the club every time you want.
no offence but on the third step you should have written some thing down
Vanila5 years ago
Its Pretty cool but i build it with newspaper and it still didn't fit on my head :( + don't really have a big head.
AWESOME!!!! You Have the same One as them. :O
jmanlk4565 years ago
dakotaht6 years ago
u suck
dakotaht6 years ago
I don't get step 6
F I S H6 years ago
very nice!