Introduction: Out Door Tips and Hacks

things you need

verity of tape

fabric softener

bread bag clips

line or rope

a freezer

air compressor or canned air


a flat rock

a grill surface

Step 1: Tips

Picture of Tips

The first tip out of five is just SAVE those bread bag clips that easy it works great for small compact close pins

The second out of the five is just freeze all the items you will be taking I freeze more then water I do my meat and food it helps a lot

The third is just put some tin foil around my tint lines

The four out of the five counts for some one who who has to build a camp fire box just put an flat rock close to the fire that helps a lot I think

The five out of five is is toothpaste it works great

Hears some more I found helpful was just bounty dryer sheets that scares off masketoes

And don't be afraid to color coat your tent with the parts that helps out so much

Also after you get home set your tent up and blow it out clean it


d3ath101 (author)2014-07-17

Lawl. Please don't make an instructable unless you really have something to show us.

jnokes (author)2014-07-03

It helps to warm or just as a lil flat surface

ajensen27 (author)2014-07-03

please explain. these some more. toothpaste work great? for what besides brushing your teeth. and how does a rock help.? you think it helps but does it really? need more info not just a list. I could list things like hair dryer, soda bottle, lighter, onion, and duct tape.

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