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If you have a desk at work chances are you get called away sometimes. There's many reasons why you might not be at your desk when a coworker stops by: meetings, lunch, vacation, water cooler, robot attack. Instead of leaving a hastily written post-it note, leave your whereabout with a stylish sign customized to your frequently visited locations.

This sign has 3 cards with a different location on each side, and a place to store your cards when not on the peg showing where you currently are. When there are no signs on the peg there is a default image (in my case "causing trouble"); this way the sign isn't just taking up space at my desk when I'm there.

I made my sign with a laser cutter, and I included the files I used so you can make your own. If you don't have access to a laser cutter, or makerspace with one, you could send the files to be printed at places like Ponoko or BigBlueSaw. I made this design so it can be stacked flat and shipped easily.

So, "where is Mike"? Read on to find out!

Step 1: Find materials

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I used 1/8" thick (3mm) plywood for the structure of the sign, and a 3/16" diameter (5mm) wood dowel for the peg.

This is a great idea and project.

travel_bug1 year ago

Mike is indeed (always) causing trouble! I think my default would be "on vacation" haha...


Needs MORE dinosaurs!!!!

mikeasaurus (author)  AngryRedhead1 year ago

Obviously. Luckily my desk is covered with a few extra to make up for the lack of multiple dinosaurs on this sign.

But the out-to-lunch really needs a raptor eating cupcakes. :(

ecsaul231 year ago

love the default!

Looks good!

That is super cool Mike. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Kiteman1 year ago

How about "Mike is... trapped at the border!"?

mikeasaurus (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

That was my default setting for the last year. Thankfully there's now new places I might be when not at my desk :)


joey561 year ago
nerd74731 year ago