Picture of pH BattleShips
this is a fun way to introduce chemistry students to the subject of pH.

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Step 1: Setting up

Picture of setting up
each student sets up a square field of centrifuge tubes.
I would recommend a 5x5 field because filling 25 tubes is a reasonable task.

Step 2: Filling the tubes

Picture of filling the tubes
in a 5x5 field you would like to create 4 ships
1x fishing boat 1 tube 
2x patrol boat 2 tubes 
1x cruiser 3 tubes 
fill these with a liquid with a pH higher than 8 ( soapy water) 

that leaves 17 tubes which can be filled with highly diluted vinegar.   

Step 3: Ammo

Picture of ammo
use Litmus as ammunition.
this will cause a correct guess to turn blue and an incorrect one red.

Step 4: Let the game begin

Picture of let the game begin
let the students play against each other!
What a fantastic idea! I am going to share this with our science teacher!
wilgubeast2 years ago
Great idea.
Kiteman2 years ago
Oh, I am *so* going to steal this idea!

Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago
(Although I think I'll use spotting tiles as the playing boards)
bjvdb (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
yeah that would also be a nice!

but this way you can make them practice with an pipet as well
Kiteman bjvdb2 years ago
True, but I was thinking of doing it with pupils aged 12-13, when they are first learning about acid vs alkali.