PH Field Testing Kit - Portable Work Station





Introduction: PH Field Testing Kit - Portable Work Station

For years I have been carrying around tennis ball tubes crammed with all the kit  required for testing the pH of soil,  there is just enough room left for a couple of test tubes. When on site it just gets tipped out on the ground for the test to be done..
The containers get muddy, chemicals get spilt, parts get lost the metal tube gets rusty the lid gets lost......While waiting for the test sample to clear it either has to be stuck in the ground where it gets kicked over or someone has to hold it.

None of the above is ideal, I spend a lot of time seeking missing parts, cleaning off the mud and replacing rusty tubes.

Step 1: Portable PH Testing Kit - the New Way

Something better was needed.
The new container is an ex military explosive charge container, it has a carrying handle, is air tight and is very tough!

Step 2: The Design

The inside of the new tube has a ridge part way down, this supports the lift out insert at a height that allows room for the water bottle and test tubes below.

Step 3: The Innards

If you are building one you might as well build 5!
These are the lift out work stations ready  to go, they were cut from various pieces of plastic material that can be wiped clean,  are strong and lightweight.

Each has a holder for.
  • Distilled water
  • Universal indicator
  • Test tube settling station
  • Barium sulphate
  • Stainless steel spatula
At top right of the first picture is the lower container with its bottle of hand washing water and test tube storage.

Step 4: Workstation in Use

So here it is in use,  as can be seen it keeps everything together no more hunting around in the leaf litter for lids, no more spilt samples.
It has the added advantage over the old container of storage room for plenty of spare test tubes and washing water.



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