Introduction: Packing. Clothes Lightly

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if you need more space to put your clothes away than this is the thing for you! ;-)

Step 1: What You Will Need \/

Picture of What You Will Need \/

1. drawer
2. clothes
3. your skill at folding clothes.

Step 2: Folding \/ " \--/

Picture of Folding \/   "                   \--/

fold your shirt from bottom to top. then go left to right.

Step 3: Rolling Time!

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roll the shirt up and place it in your drawer.

Step 4: Done!

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now that you did one shirt go do the rest and depending on how many clothes you have will have leftover space in your drawer. like mine/\:-) see me next time! bye!

Step 5:


Cool this would work for packing more clothing on a long trip!

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