Step 2: Measure the Curb for the Template Bend

Back at home I used the cardboard version to verify position, and also measured the angle of the curb, since the acrylic needs to conform to this angle. 

<p>im going to do a black background with white letters. do you think there is any benefit to putting a reflective background down first. then using a reverse stencil (cut adhesive vinyl) to black the background, leaving the white numbers masked?<br>or just paint a black background. and put the positive stencil on and apply the reflective paint just to the numbers?</p>
Either strategy sounds fine. Having just the numbers be reflective, especially on a black background should yield good reflectivity. <br>I think I personally would go with choice B, as it utilizes two coats of paint without moving the stencil, as opposed to Plan A which depends upon the stencil not removing the white paint from the curb when peeling it off.
I like the initiative, and think you did great with the acrylic, but this could have been more easily achieved with some cut vinyl, and would have been a fraction of the expense/time. Only takes about 5 seconds for my vinyl cutter to do a cut like that. <br> <br>But, I also understand having access to machines but no projects use them for... I often build/make things because I can, not because I need to. <br> <br>Great job on the instructable!
<p>I guess you live in a area where it doesn't snow ? </p><p>Jim in Toronto.</p>
<p>While it is true that curb numbers wouldn't be visible when the streets and curbs are covered with snow, they are still useful the rest of the year.</p>
<p>I think the original stencil font, which you called &quot;boring&quot;, is more legible than the version you picked. If these numbers are for the benefit of emergency vehicles, delivery services, etc., a font should be chosen for maximum legibility, at distances up to 30 meters/100 feet.</p>
This is a great job for kids to go through their neighborhood for part-time work. I've done it several times over the years.
It reminds me of an epiode of The Simpsons :-D
It reminds me of an epiode of The Simpsons :-D

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