Introduction: Paintball Grenade Holding Clip + Pull Pin

Picture of Paintball Grenade Holding Clip + Pull Pin

this is a convenient and fast way to gain access your paintball grenade
plus an easy pull pin

Step 1: Obtain the Materials

Picture of Obtain the Materials

this requires:
paper clips
paintball grenade
pod holders (optional but very nice to have)
something to cut the string

Step 2: Tie String to Grenada

Picture of Tie String to Grenada

tie the string around the knotted end of the grenade

Step 3: Tie Grenade to Paperclip

Picture of Tie Grenade to Paperclip

i tied this in a somewhat strange way but you may do it any way you want.
its your grenade

Step 4: Attach

Picture of Attach

attach the grenade to whatever
something like a belt loop or a pod holder ...
or a mask ( this might look weird though)

to release just give a firm yank (hold by the paperclip)

Step 5: Pull Pin or Saftey Pin

Picture of Pull Pin or Saftey Pin

when the kinked part(pic 1) of the tubing is put through the ring just slide a partially paperclip through the kink and bend it from the other side(pic 2)


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