after creating my forst video i needed to paint the gun and here it is
if u made a new one then why would you keep this one up also finish your project before posting because sen how your just a kid you will probably not remove this one and put another one up which will take up much need space for someone else so its good for removing old outdated posts<br>
I understand you're only like 8 or 10, but seriously: practice <em>before</em> posting instructable-d stuff.<br />
&nbsp;im thirteen and this was my first instructable
Wasn't this https://www.instructables.com/id/steampunk-revolver/?comments=all#C0HK24ZG33OTNIC<br /> &nbsp;your first instructable?<br />
ya but now its painted
then you should have modified the first one. i must now ask that you delete one as it only takes up space on the instructables servers
&nbsp;and who are you to tell me to take my stuff off
i'm a user only concerned about the space on the instructables servers which <span style="display: none;" id="1255182214758S"> </span><strong>you</strong>, are using up.<br />
Less duct tape, more brass tape. And a few clock gears couldn't hurt, either.
it needs a bit of improvement, and you really shouldn't have a slideshow and viseo of the same thing

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