Introduction: Painting Abs Baseball Helmet

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My first attempt to paint a baseball helmet and what I learned along the way

Step 1: Prep for Painting

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Prep for painting

scuff with 100 grit sandpaper and clean off dust and grease with isopropyl alcohol

Step 2: Masking

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mask off air vents and inside foam

push down tape hard to prevent paint leakage (look at photo 4)

Step 3: Painting

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paint carefully do light even coats and do not touch paint wait 5-10 min between coats

things that ruin paint

-rolling helmets the helmet only stay in like three positions

-wiping runs pulls off all layers of paint

-gloves touching wet paint

-thick coats that cause runs

Step 4: Mask Off Other Half

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mask off and scuff with 100 grit sandpaper other half of the helmet

I painted over half the first time to have no gaps

Step 5: Paint Other Half

Picture of Paint Other Half

the blue took way less coats than the yellow

Step 6: Clear Coat

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be careful not to remove tape too soon see photo 2

then apply clear coat with light layers about 5-10 min between coats

clear coat gets rid of textures such as glove prints and makes everything look better

Step 7: Stencils

Picture of Stencils

I tried to make a stencil and it worked with one kind of paint I had but not with the one I was using

always check on a piece of cardboard first

Step 8: Finished Product

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Step 9: Final Thoughts

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Thank you for reading my first instructable and I hope it helped

if you have questions email me at and I have a youtube channel ragingattechsupportfixing


Justabiggun (author)2016-02-24

I've painted 3 so far but no idea on what kind of clear coat to use

Battlespeed (author)2014-04-23

Use frog tape - and actually, you're better off removing the tape while the paint is wet.

derekderek (author)Battlespeed2014-04-23

I did and not with this stuff plastic spray paint runs like crazy (see step 7)

maybe you will find better paint than I did

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