Palindrome video : identical forward or reverse........esrever ro drawrof lacitnedi : oediv emordnilap

two types of video can be used:

  • begin video with car backing out of driveway. end video with that segment backwards, the car pulling into the driveway. now whether played forward or reverse you get the exact same video, a car pulls out, then back in. Can also pan left to right, then reverse it so it pans right to left. Just so each clip is equal distance from the time center of the video.
  • things like someone jumping rope, or a mouth talking can be placed equal distance from the center time of the video. you cant tell if it is forward or reverse the first or 2nd time it is shown so it just looks like a repeated clip.

(from the palindrome song recipe)

Option 1: play one sound file forward, copy it then reverse it, and then paste it on top of the original
and / or
Option 2: with midi : trigger sounds on a grid display in patterns that are the same left to right as they are right to left. for example, a triangle with an upside down triangle inside of it. It sounds good if the triggers make up notes of a chord. make the samples that are triggered to be sounds that are the same forward or reverse (see option 1).

say what you want to say, then play it backwards and look for what it says. be imaginitive. for example i tried: "a cycle outside a cycle" and got "look outside, it's light" when I reversed it. paste the first then the reverse (or vice versa =) ) spaced the same time from the center.

it may take a little work on the lyrics, you have to speak/'sing' in between the two phrases. you can apply music: option 1 to the lyrics to help out.

In the end you have a complete video that, when played in reverse, is identical to when played forward. Has this been done before ?

(interesting because i think Shrodingers equation works forward or backward in time)