Pallet Sideboard





Introduction: Pallet Sideboard

Step 1:

The construction is just starting !! the dimensions of the furniture is 1,23 cm X 45 X 90

Step 2:

dressed the furniture and on the 3rd parties !!

Step 3:

different view....

Step 4:

even a different hand, with my workshop !!

Step 5:

installation and adjustment of drawers !!

Step 6:

it's time to place the doors !!!

Step 7:

the doors were placed ! also and handles !!

Step 8:

entered and legs pallet !! see the doors open !!

Step 9:

the furniture was stained !!!!

Step 10:

here and see the finish !!!!!!

Step 11: Finish !!

the furniture is in my living room! really is beautiful !!!

see the constructionhere !!!



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    Not very good instructions or plans. What are the dimensions? In standard measurements (not metric)? Did you sand the boards? How were the joints put together? and so on and so on? Thanks for trying, looks like a nice sideboard.

    very poor inscrutables. No instructions to follow.

    Poor quality instructable.

    come on! furniture sure looks nice but no detail on real instructions, whether wood was planed, jointed, or just sanded.

    very nicely done! my wife wants me to build a buffet with hutch from pallets. Your build gave me some great ideas. Thanks You for posting!

    This instructable makes me mad, it looks awesome, but NO Instructions! You direct us to go to your site (I don't think that's correct) and even there all you do is just show the same pictures. Your first picture is already showing an almost complete cabinet, not showing how to start. You are also not saying how you got that smooth finish, how you nailed/or glued/screwed? Pffffff......

    I usually dislike pallets projects because they look unfinished but your sideboard is clearly on a higher level. Very nice!

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