Picture of  Pancake mix to banana pancakes
pancake mix too banana pancakes easy to make
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients

banana (two or one)
butter (2 tbs)
milk (1/2 cup)
pancake mix (2 cups)
water 1cup

Step 2: Blend into the blender

Picture of blend into the blender
put one whole banana and the two tbs of butterand 1/2 milk and blend .
p.s if you want chunks blend for 5 sec

Step 3: Pancake mix .mix

Picture of pancake mix .mix
2 cups of pancake mix
1 cups water
measuring cup
pour mix into bowl pour water then mix what you can .
then add the banana mix into mixture
add more water for desired look ..aka make it look like pancake mix .

Step 4: Finished

Picture of Finished
Sorry no pic because i forgot to take it but it was very yummy and worth it .add walnuts or cinnamon.
Thanks for viewing
P.s internet pancake pic don't want to get in trouble

This sounds really tasty, however it would be awesome if you would use all original images. Instructables that use images from the internet do not get featured very often, and can not win/enter contests.

raven michelle (author) 11 months ago
about six medium sized pancakes
how many servings or just one?
tofugami11 months ago
Yum. Breakfast pancakes are good any time.