here is a simple way to pan for lego bricks. though it is time consuming it is tons of fun and very efficient.

Step 1: First Get a Pan. (or a Small Plastic Box)

Step 2: Getting the Bricks.

next you want to get a source. (pic 1) then fill your pan. (pic 2) after that you look throuh the pan and dump your excess bricks.

Step 3: Finishing Up

im sure youll be pleased if you had a big source.

<p>Oh, man, brings back memories. </p>
<p>When I buy more Legos, I'm pretty sure I might need this instructable.</p>
It's about half of my Legos... I'm pretty sure this won't be too effective...
<p>it is. but if you try to take out the huge chunks like (baseplates) before hand it helps a lot.</p>
Its a pain isnt it to sift through so much lego?! I have literally boxes full of lego and its a pain in the butt to find what I'm looking for!

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