Paper Lamp





Introduction: Paper Lamp

based on (Geometric Cut Paper Table Lamp)
Geometric Cut Paper Table Lamp
go and see that first, good tutorial all i did was to shake and bake ! lol

i mean spice it a little .
hope u like it , i´m trying to expand this technique limits.

follow same directions but you have to be careful when gluing the open sides.

Step 1: Models

some of the models are bent and out of shape, those are made in a thin paper, im still refining them.



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     heeeyyy very nice 
    Here is mine: 

    Light me up!.jpg

    verryyyy nice I've done the first one ... it gives a very cool aspect to the room thanks from Brazil!

    de nada mi amigo!!! take some pictures and post them please!! greetings from mexico.

    can you make a print-able cut out guide for people? Thanx for the ideas!

    download the pdf file then print and scale or print then scale... lol

    I love it. So original idea. Congratulations for your job!

    i will try to upload the printable version , but ... dunno how! instructable maybe? lol

    O.O this is sooo weird this is inspiring me now too O.O weird O.O hmm i need a light O.O light