Paper Airplane


Introduction: Paper Airplane

About: use bebo dingwad its cool

what i think is the best paper airplane

Step 1: Paper

fold the paper in half

Step 2: Beginning

fold the corners into the line

Step 3: Fold Againg

fold againg

Step 4: More Folding

basicly fold it three times

Step 5: Even More Folding

fold along the first line

Step 6: The Wings

fold the wings down

Step 7: Finished

throw it and see how far it goes



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    it flew great but i dident do the steps right.i made 2 of em.

    what nonsense your directions are ridiculously unclear 2/5

    I did this before. It gets somewhat hard to fold and keep straight after the third fold.

    WTH? I didn't even see this b4 and it is in my favorites some how... oh well.

    Lost interest after reading the miss spelled headline.

    Hmmm. Looks cool-- and easy to make! Nice job, I might do this in class when I get bored and stuff. Looks really cool (once again!).