Introduction: Paper Airplane Tips

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not good at making paper airplanes? then this is the instructable for you!

Step 1: Air Flow

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my finger is pointing the direction the air will flow with stabilizers and without stabilizers.

Step 2: Basic Plane

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to build the most basic plane you need to:

fold the paper's corners down to the midle,
then fold the corners in again,
now fold in half,
fold down wings,
and put on stableizers if needed!

Step 3: Flaps

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you may want to put flaps on the plane if you want to steer it,just cut inch to a 1/2 inch flaps on the back.

(remember,flap up,that wing goes up,flap down,that wing goes down,example,both flaps up,the plane goes up)

Step 4: Blunt-nosed Plane

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to make the blunt-nosed plane you need to:

fold in half and unfold,
fold corner over a little off-center,
and do that to the other side,
fold nose up,
fold in half,
fold down wings,
and fold stableizers.
(this plane NEEDS stableizers)

Step 5: Trick Plane

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this is a more complicated plane that has a tail fin on the back and is totally customisable!
to make it you need to:
make a square by folding diagnaly and cutting off extra paper on the bottom,
then fold in half,(after you unfold it!)
fold down front corners,
fold down wings,
cut the tail fin by cutting up to the top of the wings,
fold the tail fin out.


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great tips

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ya thanks

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if i can get my computers camera program to work again i will post more planes!

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