Paper and Popsicle Sticks Sword





Introduction: Paper and Popsicle Sticks Sword

it's easy to make

Step 1:

making the hilt, just layer some papers, about 36, layers for the base and 16 layers for the design

Step 2:

overlay popsicle sticks to make it stronger, about 2 layers each side would do

Step 3:

cover it up

Step 4:

Step 5: Saturate the Blade in Super Glue, It Should Harden It, and for Some Low Spots, Put Some Super Glue Then Add Baking Soda, a Little Sanding Ang the Lowspots Should Be Taken Care Of



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    how did you make the habaki(collar) and how many layers was it?

    I created my own, pretty simple, not as awesome as yours.

    That looks amazing. Very good construction technique. Impressive results from the materials. How did you make the paper layer stack? Guing individual strips together one at a time or all at once soaking them in glue? Id like to try to make stack paper like that if you could give me a quick instruction on that. Maybe Im missing it in the reading.

    I have my instructible on paper stacking, so you can see it better

    well, what I did was folding the paper crosswise then glue that, and then folding that lengthwise and glue that too. that's practically the basic, thats 4 layers

    maybe I'll do a tutorial on paper stacking

    just dont swing it around so hard, it'll break