this is honestly a really bad instrucable. it's my first i just wanted to try it out so. :)

Step 1: Stuff Ya Need:





Step 2: Cutting

Cut out one thick square of paper

Step 3: Folding

fold once through the middle

Step 4: And Again

Fold again through the middle

Step 5: Cutting AGAIN!!!!

cut another square but make it smaller

Step 6: Fold

fold the little square

Step 7: Put the Small Square Around the Long the Rectangle

fold the small square over the long one

Step 8: Tape

tape the little toy

Step 9: Fun

have fun

Step 10:

and what good does this do for basically anything
<p>Not bad for a first try! Definitely try to use something other than a phone for photos. If that's all you have, use very bright lighting, even outdoors if you need to. Make sure that they aren't blurry before you add them to the instructable. Try to keep a neutral backdrop like a wooden table or something similar.</p>

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