Hello. This is an instructable on how to make a paper bat.

Step 1: Paper

Ok. You need a piece of paper. Nothing else.
Does it actually fly?<br /><br />
This is pretty cool. I like it.
this is the same design as the sparrow , but with the head folded different and the wings, ad he left out the tail
pretty freakin awesome man! XD and seeschloss thats an awesome idea
ummm. Some Folds Look Familiar....
does it fly really nicely?? and far??
Nice instructable, but you need to make it clear that you're using a square of paper (and how you made it square), plus step 4 would be easier if you turned the paper over between steps 2 and 3. Mine flew first go, though it needs a little tweaking on the wing-tips to fly straight.
awww i thought it was a bat like baseball that you could hit people with

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