A simple version of a paper box. This is my first instruction here and i've tried to make it as clearly as possible to understand. In some of the steps it was a little dificult for me to explain exactly how i do (my english is far from perfect...sorry :P ) but i think that the photos show it pretty well. Still should you have any problems understanding something i will be happy to explain it better.

I've notised that there are several versions of paperboxes in this site, but i haven't seen any like mine, so i hope it's usable anyway :) Enjoy!!

Step 1: Step 1 - Materials

You will need:

2 pieces of printer paper
A pair of sissors
A pensil
And a ruler

You might also need some glue
<p>easy and fun</p>
You look nice in the picture
<p>It was really helpful, but idk how to make the lid</p>
I can make the box and the basement of it cos like I made it at school transition day it was actually allrigjt to make it but the teachers said that you hade to have one first then the other paper do you go to highs school
Hi whoever you are but I just wanted to say that can you like make an emirates hat out of felt or any kind like such as silk and fabric because I really want to know thanks and like from now on can I be your friend
Tks a lot
<p>this was very fun thanks :)</p>
<p>Some technical info for precise sizing:<br>Box diameter = Original sheet side length /2<br>Box width = Box diameter / (&radic;2)<br>Box height = Box width /2</p>
<p>i love itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>I made it and I like how if use contrasting colors, like green and blue, it looks cool.</p>
<p>this is very helpful for people who need a box right away</p><p>i was able to make it in just a few minutes</p>
So good easy and fun to make love it
<p>this did not help because it didn't finish the box instructions</p><p>.</p>
<p>this is cool</p>
SO EASY!!!Good job!!!! :D
this is very good I have been going threw lots and lots of steps but none of them have helped intill I found this and good job
This is just fantastic - thanks so much for taking the time and trouble to make this tutorial! I was looking for handmade boxes to house my painted stones and pebbles, and this is perfect :o) The last couple of stages were just like magic - I actually clapped and threw my hands in the air (and this from a 'reserved' Brit!) LOL ... THANK YOU :o)
hey u can do this without cutting the paper also...<br>this way u could also hold water in it..<br><br>nice tutorial btw
Very goooood!!! thanks a lot!!!!
Great easy detail to follow, if i can makeit everyone can thank you
that's all i need
Awesome! I always need little labeled boxes to keep my electronic components organized (screws, etc). This is just perfect! Thanks for posting :-)
I didn't notice your english until I went back and re-read the first step. Your english is just as good as mine. Okay, maybe not as good as mine, mine's terrible. As good as my best friend's english. That's pretty good. <br> <br>-Lambo Bovino FV
Lifje- Thanks for this box! I needed a small box to hold marbles in, and this works! I didn't make the lid, but it still looks nice. I tried the actual origami version (without cutting- origami is all folding) and couldn't get it to work. So thanks again for an easy foldable!<br> <br> -<strong>Lambo Bovino: FV</strong>
well thanks for posting this instructable, I was looking to make a paper box for my money/ spare change and this works! tip for money: if you dont glue the flaps down you can use them to hide notes :D ~Chloe
Thanks for this instructable, I've been looking for a way to make boxes with lids for storage. I appreciated seeing this.
i like tis box i made it at school and uesd it for a little trash can for paper scraps and a teacher told mem to make some for the whole class and the classroom actualy got alot cleaner. thanks this is one of the best oragami i seen. i will be having oragami instructables some time soon
<strong>my brother&nbsp; jordan tried this and he did it tottaly wrong so, he diseded to make his homeade box its like a pacage i think its alot better than ur box</strong>
You should be using the word flap not flip.
&nbsp;we get what he/she/robot means...
Step 11 typo: >> shaping the sites of the box (photo 2). should be: sides of the box
&nbsp;oh well we get what she/he/robot means...
Whoa Very nice tutorial ! Your english is not that bad :) Mine is worse :P I'm amazed with the result ! It's such a 'clean' box !
This box is simple and easy, that's why I like it.
I love this! Thank you for posting it, I have been compulsively making paper boxes since reading the instructions.
Mmh, I love paper works &amp; this is one of my favourite now <sup></sup><br/>Thanks for posting it! <br/>
cool lots of typos very simple i'll definitely make it tonight xD 5/5
Nice origami Instructable! I just finished making a box using your photos and I found the process to be easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
One of the best! Keep on the good work! Awesome...
This very cool! 5 Stars!
Hhaha this reminds me of something i did i jsut forgot how to make them i made like 20 of them each one a lil smaller and put em on eachother it looked like it was just one :D
Great instructions, and a neat little box. My only suggestion is that because the floor/roof "tabs" make the box really stable when you fold them back together in step 12, glue might not be necessary, but just a little tab of scotch tape covering all four corners.
wish this involved flirting :) but i still love it its cute
this is SO SO cute wish I had the pacence for this i lost you at getting the paper folded in half.
This is just awesome!!!! you can modify this to look like a mushroom if you need to put more stuff in it!!! but how do you do that??? either way, thanks!! :D
This is really cool i like it! ***** 5/5<br/>

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