Picture of paper clip gun
use 3 paper clips to make a gun that if well made can shoot over 5 feet
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Step 1: The making

to make the gun simply fold 1 paper clip to 90 degrees then take the loop and spread it out so theres an oval with a stick coming out the middle and then for the 2nd part bend a different paper clip so theres a loop in the middle and on the top then 90 degee it and make the loop at the top facing up and the bottom strait with a stick goin down for trigger clip this onto piece 1 you got a gun use normal paper clips for ammo Heres a video to show u how itz dun

Step 2: Shooting and cautions

now to shoot you have the thicker flat end of the gun in your hand. you put a paper clip on the stick coming out. to shoot you pull and release the farthest stick facing down.
have fun but don't be stupid(like me)