i made this in class after a test... it is a little thing that will jump across a flat surface with almost no effort (if you think your cool, you can follow the pics, but if you aren't sure, just follow the steps)

Step 1: Your Paper

your paper should be small it doesn't have to be square but it helps if it is. As stated in the below comments, a notecard, cardstock, or even tickets (like for getting into events, like the "admit one" things) that is the thing i really like about these little things, you can make them anywhere, out of almost anything (as opposed to the frogs [no offense if you like the frog things])

Step 2: First and Second Folds

the next folds are simple, you should fold your paper in half (longways if it is a rectangle) then fold it back out, next fold both edges parallel to the crease in.

Step 3: Almost There

now fold along the crease and do a inside reverse fold (just follow the pictures)

Step 4: Flipping

now simply press down quickly with your finger in the spot dictated by the picture

Step 5: Concluson

happy flippin' ;)
I like that one, huh
 whats it supposed to do cause i doesn't seem to flip any farther than a pencil when you smack it
Nice it's awesome
i took his idea and added more. i was folding at random, when i started to see a shovel. so i folded the rest. I'v invented the origami shovel. thanks for this instructable. it lead me to creat a new origami. :b
thats awesome! you shoud post it!
i did:<br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/the_origami_paper_shovel/">https://www.instructables.com/id/the_origami_paper_shovel/</a><br/><br/>it might be hard to understand. the first parts are in this instructable.<br/>
Haha, pretty cool! I like to make the frogs... those are awesome. Nice job, this is probably way easier.
you post on like... EVERYTHING
use sticky notes
card-stock (notecards) work very well too
First off if your a guy clip ur nails... But otherwise its pretty cool
srry if i offend but my nails grow insanely fast...

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