Paper Knex Target ( Ajustable Height )

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Introduction: Paper Knex Target ( Ajustable Height )

tired of shooting walls? This is a sturdy knex target good for when you just made a gun and want to test it. you can test acuracy and strength, aswell as improving your accuracy, or for good old having fun!

20 (minimum)blue snap connectors
4 purple snap connectors
4 yellow/grey
9 orange/black

20 (minimum)grey
6 red/green
2 yellow/black
4 white

Step 1: Base

follow the pictures

Step 2: Hieght Extension (optional)

creat as many as you want, then attach them to the base.(I used three)

Step 3: Top Section

make these pieces

Step 4: Construct Top Section

put together the top section

Step 5: Construct

not realy much of a step, just add on the top section

Step 6: Setup the Target

put the paper your going to use as a target inbetween the yellow/grey connectors and put the yellow rods through the paper.

then push the white rods on the lower part of the top section through the paper. attach orange/black connectors to secure it.

Step 7: Finished!!

your done!! have fun playing target practice!! i've added a picture of my rifle im working on, should I post it??



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rofl 6 paper sheets shooting :D went straight through XD

one problem ive bult a sling shot and it needs a heftey target because it has 6 rilly big bands? so can you build one

Nice work genius, any good gun wood go through the paper ad hit the WALL!

the whole point of this is a TARGET not a bullet stopper its for accuaracy training

fine, its just you said "tired of shooting walls?"

yeah but you cant draw a bullseye on a wall w/o getting in trouble if you put paper on the wall, the bullet doesnt go trough so you dont know what you got ~_~

ok point made

i ~~almost~~ ALWAYS win! lolz

yes but you will still get in trouble for shooting through the paper at the wall!